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Business Intelligence (BI) refers to skills, processes, technologies, applications and practices used to support decision making.  BI helps your managers and staff make better analysis, leading to improved decisions and better company performance.

Data extracted from your accounting, payroll, contact management and other sources, is combined into your preferred report or display format, and presented to each of your decision makers, at the time that they need it.

These reports include ….

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What type of business benefits from Business Intelligence

In the past Business Intelligence has been seen as something only available to big businesses with IT departments and big budgets. But businesses of all sizes do better when the right information is quickly available to decision makers in the right format and at the right time. With budget price systems now available, the advantages of BI are there for any size of business that wants to improve their performance. In fact most of our customers are small and medium sized businesses with limited staff and small budgets.

Do any of the following situations apply to you?

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Alchemex Business Intelligence

Our BI system of choice is ALCHEMEX reporting software. ALCHEMEX works with many  leading accounting and payroll software packages, generating real-time, automated and pre-formatted Excel reports.  Alchemex delivers integrated Business Intelligence solutions to small and medium sized business end users by unleashing the power of Excel as a business reporting tool.

Connections and Report Sets

Alchemex has developed data connections and solutions for MYOB, MYOB Exo, SagePastel Partner and Evolution, Sybiz Vision, Sage50, Sage Accpac, SAP Business One, Wage Ezy and several other databases. ALCHEMEX reporting software includes packaged reports for these systems to get you up and running immediately.

Acccess any system or database

In  addition, Alchemex allows you to access data at the same time from any compatible system. All systems or databases that use industry-standard ODBC driver are compatible.  Hence a report could for example, simultaneously access data from accounting, payroll and  CRM, or any of these, as well as Excel spreadsheets and MS Access databases.

What else do I need to know about ALCHEMEX?

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So how can I see more of what’s involved?

  1. Why not spend a few minutes watching the Alchemex Business Intelligence introductory video. It will give you a good overview of the topic.
  2. If you need to see more about how BI could help specific areas of your business, look at the videos in the case studies on the right.
  3. Download an Alchemex brochure (PDF 455 kb).
  4. Or if you need to learn more in a low key manner, join our ongoing discussion on business decision making and reporting. Follow the discussion or, if you wish, pose a question or make a comment. View the discussion here.
  5. If you are keen to discuss your business reporting needs right now … call Peter on 0417 217 379 or email (we will keep your email address confidential).

What does it cost?

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Contact us for a free telephone consultation on your business reporting requirements. This will help you decide whether Business Intelligence can benefit your business.  If you think you have a reporting need,  we would like to talk to you. There is no obligation. However to show us you are serious we will ask you for your business contact details and a few simple details of your business.

We will do a telephone review of your reporting needs, taking up to an hour, at no charge to yourselves.  Of course we do hope that gives us the opportunity to show you that we can help you improve your business and that we can do business together.

Just call Peter  on  0417 217 379 or email

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Welcome to our discussion on Advanced Business Reporting

Our mission is to help your company optimise decision making  to improve your business performance.

To this end, we will soon bring you a series of articles and discussions on Advanced Business Reporting (Business Intelligence) topics.

These discussions will be interactive, so you can enter your own comments and get feedback from others.

We  intend to cover a variety of topics such as how companies make decisions, how to improve the flow of information  (and reduce bottlenecks!) and  how to optimise your company to make the right decisions at the right time.

Peter and Allison

Allison Wigman
Allison – talks about BI in your business

Peter Kipps
Peter discusses Alchemex techniques and reports